Reasons to visit Kerala this September

If you are planning your Kerala trip this September, then you should go book your tickets and take the plunge. This September is the best time to visit Kerala and you will not regret it one bit. In this article let’s take a look at some of the reasons you must visit Kerala this September.

Soojipara Wayanad

Great Climate

September is a great time for your Kerala trip, because ideally the monsoons will be over and the rains will have mitigated. Rainfall, if any, will be light and will not be severe enough to disrupt any activity or to make you stay indoors. The climate is cool, fresh and dust-free.

Off Season Rates

The tourists start coming in to Kerala mainly from October to March, so September is considered an off season for a Kerala trip. Hence you can enjoy off season rates at hotels and other places of accommodation. You can avail great discounts at even 5 star hotels and hence enjoy you holiday in luxury and style for a cheaper fare.

Good Exchange Rate

The exchange rate of rupee is currently hovering around Rs.82.88 to a dollar which is among the lowest exchange rates in the history of India. For any tourist visiting Kerala from outside India, this means that when you spend 1000 USD, you get Rs.82,882.05. This means a lot of extra cash to spend on your Kerala trip.


The highlight of Kerala during September is the Onam Festival. For a culture enthusiast, September in Kerala is a treat. Onam is celebrated with great pomp and joy in Kerala and it is a great time for tourists to witness and understand Kerala culture and traditions. Onam is observed by all Keralites irrespective of religion, caste, social standing or gender. It is a ten day festival and is also known as the harvest festival of Kerala.

This year, Onam falls on 14th September 2016, but the celebrations begin 10 days before. The first day is called Atham (September 4th). People begin the day with an early bath, followed by prayers, and the creation of floral arrangements (pookalam) on the ground in front of their homes. Different traditions follow through each day. On the main day of Onam 14th September, Pookalams are on display outside each house, people wear traditional Kerala clothes and families get together to enjoy the traditional Onam feast called Onasandhya. Onasadya is a meal had on banana leaves and more than 26 varieties of dishes are served.


Nehru Trophy Boat Race

Another event that is synonymous with Onam celebrations is the Vallam Kali aka the Snake Boat Race. Boat Races during Onam are huge and people come from all over to watch. The Nehru Trophy Boat Race and Aranmula Uthrattadhi Boat Race are extremely popular in Kerala. Approximately a 100 oarsmen row a single snake boat and complete with other similar snake boats.
Music and dance are an integral part of Onam Celebrations in Kerala. Traditional dance forms like PulikaliThiruvathira KaliKaikottikaliKummattikaliThumbi Thullal etc. and street parades are performed all over.

All these factors make September a good time to plan your Kerala trip. If you want to witness Kerala life and culture up close, then do visit Kerala this September.