IlaveezhaPoonchira: Beautiful Unexplored Weekend Destination in Kerala

IlaveezhaPoonchira is a beautiful weekend destination in Kerala located in the outskirts of the district of Kottayam. It is located along the Pala-Thodupuzha highway. It is a beautiful valley spread across thousands of acres. The surrounding hills are up to a height of 3200 ft. above sea level.

Distance from Other Prime Locations

Idukki – 36 kms; Kottayam – 48 kms; Thodupuzha – 20 kms; Kumarakom – 72 kms; Changanesserry- 75 kms. The nearest airport is the Cochin International Airport located at a distance of about 76 kms.

The Legend behind IlaveezhaPoonchira

A lot of places in Kerala have legends and folklore associated with them and IlaveezhaPoonchira is no exception. Legend has it that during the days of yore, when the Pandavas were in exile, Draupadi used to take bath here in the perennial lake. The Devas attracted by her beauty used to secretly watch her taking bath. When the lord of the Devas, Devendra, heard about this, he created the three hills, to shield her from the Devas’ prying eyes.

IlaveezhaPooncahira is surrounded by three enchanting hillocks – Kudayathurmala, Mankunnu and Thonippara. The word IlaveezhaPooncahira literally means ‘a flowery lake where no leaves fall’. Interestingly, there are no trees on the mountain tops and hence no leaves fall into the valley, and that is how IlaveezhaPoonchira has gotten its name. The rocky hills and green expanse span for a long, long way and you can see for kilometres at a stretch because of the absence of trees.


Activities in IlaveezhaPooncahira

IlaveezhaPooncahira will provide you with the best views of sunrise and sunset. The beauty of this place is unparalleled. IlaveezhaPoonchira experience starts as one embarks on a narrow, unpaved and rocky mountain path, negotiated only by jeeps. The jeeps can be hired from Kanjar, a small town 7kms away.

One of the many highlights of IlaveezhaPooncahira is the enthralling view from the hilltop of Mankunnu. From here the districts of Thrissur, Pathanamthitta, Kottayam, Ernakulam, Idukki and Alapuzha can be seen. This scenic spot is located around 55km from Kottayam and 20km from Thodupuzha. The roads leading to the spot are narrow, but the beauty that surrounds them is spellbinding and it makes for an exciting and adventurous ride.

It is also one of the most exotic trekking locations. Adventure lovers can also ride a bike if it is powerful enough.

IlaveezhaPoonchira is a very beautiful, unpopulated and unexplored place. It is an ideal weekend destination in Kerala. The peak season to visit IlaveezhaPoonchira is from November to March. But if you love to travel during the monsoons, then this place is nothing short of a heaven. The lake fills up with water, there is lush greenery all around and one can enjoy nature in its pristine glory. There is a DTPC rest house nearby which offers comfortable accommodation.

Malankara Dam (7 Kms), Thommankuthu Waterfalls (30 Kms) & Vagamon (35 Kms) are some places of interest around IlaveezhaPoonchira.