5 Amazing Tourism Destinations in Vagamon filled with natural beauty

Kerala is blessed with abundant natural beauty and the hill station of Vagamon is no exception. The landscape of Vagamon is breathtaking; filled with hills, tea estates, meadows, waterfalls, grasslands etc. It is the ultimate destination for a nature lover. In this article let’s check out the top 5 tourism destinations in Vagamon that are a must visit for any tourist who loves being in the midst of nature.

Ilaveezha Poonchira

Ilaveezha Poonchira can provide you with the most stunning view of sunrise and sunset that you’ve ever seen. From the top of the mountain that is at an altitude of 3200 ft, one can get a panoramic view of hundreds of kilometers in every direction. There is a small perennial lake below known as Poonchira. During the monsoons the entire valley turns into a lake, due to the accumulating water.

The word Ilaveezha Pooncahira literally means ‘a flowery lake where no leaves fall’. Interestingly, the mountain tops have no trees at all, and hence no leaves fall into the valley.


Kurisumala Ashram

Kurishumala - Vagamon

Kurisumala Ashram is a very popular Christian pilgrim center as well as a monastery. The monastery belongs to the Syro- Malankara Catholic Church. The calm ambience and the surrounding greenery, provide a perfect atmosphere for prayer and contemplation. During Good Friday, thousands of Christian pilgrims are found here partaking in the Christian religious ceremony of ‘The way of the Cross’. There is a cattle and dairy farm here run by the priests, which is an additional attraction.

Vagamon Pine Forest

Vagamon Pine forest is one of the most attractive places in Vagamon. This artificial pine forest is spread across 100 acres of land. The shade provided by these trees make it an excellent place for walks and even naps. This is also a good place for spotting birds. This forest is known to attract over 30 species of birds.

Pine Forest - Vagamon
Parunthumpara View point

In Parunthumpara there is a giant rock sculpture at Grampi known as Parunthupara, which is situated 1200m above the sea level. From this viewpoint one can see a full 360 degree view of Peermade hills. The hike to this point is an adventure in itself. The place is clam and clean, and those who love nature and serenity will find their heaven here. Locals call this point a suicide point, because of the fearful trenches on one side. This place is a bit risky beyond a certain range and one must be very careful here.


Situated at a height of 3500m above sea level, Kuttikkanam is the perfect tourism destination in Vagamon. Filled with greenery, hills, pine forests, tea plantations, cardamom plantations and clean air, Kuttikkanam is just the quick relaxing vacation destination you dream of. It was Henry Baker who first fell in love with this place and started a coffee plantation here. From coffee plantation he later converted to tea plantation and the manual labor requirement led people to shift base here.