Explore Kerala’s Premier Shopping Malls: An Insider’s Guide

Lulu Mall in Kochi

Kerala, known as “Spice Garden of India,” offers not only natural and cultural enthusiasts a paradise in which to live but also shoppers a adobe for shopping experiences. Thanks to mall culture in Kerala, numerous world-class shopping destinations have emerged providing both domestic and international retail experiences at competitive rates. Here is your insider guide of some of Kerala’s premier malls where unique experiences await!

Lulu Mall, Ernakulam

Lulu Mall can be easily reached from Ernakulam City Center with just a 20-minute drive, or via Edapally Station metro service for direct transport.

What to Expect: Lulu Mall stands out as India’s largest shopping mall, boasting an extensive collection of brands, an ice skating rink, bowling alley, and 5D cinema – promising an exceptional shopping experience. Additionally, its food court and various restaurants cater to every palate imaginable – making Lulu Mall a veritable feast of culinary delights!

Mall of Travancore

Mall of Travancore can be reached within 10 minutes by driving along National Highway 66 from Trivandrum City Center or using public transit such as buses or taxis for easy accessibility.

What to Expect: The Mall of Travancore offers an eco-friendly shopping environment featuring international and local brands, making it family-friendly with its gaming zone and multiplex cinema. Indulge in delectable dishes from both local specialties as well as global classics in its food court – local specialities will surely please!

Focus Mall, Calicut

Focus Mall can be found along Mavoor Road and is approximately 15 minutes from Kozhikode city centre via regular public buses.

What to Expect: As Kerala’s inaugural shopping mall, Focus Mall holds a special place in its local community. Offering shopping options, gaming zone and kids play area – Focus Mall makes an excellent stopover for families with something for every palate in its food court featuring both regional dishes as well as fast-food favorites!

RP Mall, Kollam

RP Mall, Kollam: With just a 10-minute journey from Kollam City Center via Chinnakada, RP Mall can easily be reached via car or bus.

What to Expect: RP Mall offers an exciting blend of retail stores, food outlets, and entertainment services – creating a vibrant hub in Kollam. Additionally, its cinema complex and gaming area provide leisure and relaxation to shoppers.

Shobha City Mall, Thrissur

Shobha City Mall  can be reached in 20 minutes via the Thrissur-Shornur Road and public transportation services can also provide easy access.

What to Expect: Shobha City Mall is known for its spacious design, housing an array of stores and cultural events. Not just a place for shopping, it also serves as an arena where festivals and traditions come to life – offering traditional Kerala dishes to international dishes that cater to diverse palates.

Center Square Mall, Ernakulam

Centre Square Mall, Ernakulam is easily accessible from any point within Kochi; just 15 minutes by driving along MG Road or taking the metro train to MG Road Station will get you to Centre Square Mall.

What to Expect: Centre Square Mall stands out for its modern architecture and diverse selection of stores. Entertainment options abound here with cinema complex, an indoor gaming zone and occasional live performances; not to mention food court and restaurants offering up an abundance of flavors from local delicacies to global cuisines.


In Kerala, malls are much more than mere shopping destinations. They are lively community spaces where everyone can find something of interest, from the latest in fashion and tech to diverse entertainment and dining options. Whether you’re a proud local or an enthusiastic traveler, a visit to these malls will offer you a glimpse into the contemporary yet culturally rich lifestyle of Kerala. For a truly memorable journey, ensure you explore these vibrant hubs. Dive deeper into the heart of Kerala’s modern life and enrich your experience by visiting our website, KeralaTaxis, to learn more and plan your next adventure