Unique Souvenirs to buy on your Kerala Tour

Nettur Casket (Nettoor Petti)

These are jewelry boxes unique to Kerala. Many Keralites of the older generation owned these boxes and they were used for storage. These Caskets are made of superior quality wood such as teak or rosewood, and richly and intricately ornamented with brass. But now many stores mostly sell a cheaper version of the same. These caskets come in an array of sizes and their usage depends on their size: they can be used as storage boxes, coffee tables or just as showpieces on the showcase. Many handicraft stores in Kerala stock these caskets.

Nettur Casket
Uru Models

Uru Models

Beypore in Kozhikode has a boatyard that is famous for building huge wooden ships known as Uru. These were the trading ships used by the Arabs. These gigantic ships are made of wood and not fiber glass. A single ship takes a team of 50 men and 4 years to be completed. Since few boats are launched nowadays, these skilled artisans make miniature models of these ships. It is best to pick these up at the local handicraft stores in Bypore itself. These models cost anywhere between Rs 500 to Rs 2500 depending on the design.

Snakeboat Models (Chundan Vallam)

Snake boats known as Chundan Vallams are very popular in Kerala. There are many snake boat races held all over the state during the Onam festival. The artisans make miniature models of these Snakeboats as well. These are made from Anjili wood. These miniature models are very popular and in great demand world over.

Mural Painting Kerala

Mural Painting (Temple Paintings)

Kerala being a temple city is also famous for its vivid temple paintings known also as Mural paintings. One often finds these paintings on the walls of ancient Kerala templeschurches and palaces. These paintings depict of the legends and mythology prevalent during those times. One can purchase these mural paintings form handicraft stores or directly from mural artists.

Kathakali themed Souvenirs

Kathakali is an ancient dance form of Kerala with special emphasis is given to facial features. The face is painted green and eyes are marked clearly in black. Additionally there is a huge and intricate headgear worn. One can find a plethora of Kathakali themed souvenirs like fridge magnets, key chains, masks and hanging pieces. The Kathakali mask is in a way a symbol of Kerala, and makes for an interesting piece of decorative item.

Kathakali wooden Craft
Elephant Wooden Craft

Elephant Figurines

Elephant is the state animal of Kerala and if you are a tourist to Kerala, there is no way you can leave the state without seeing an Elephant. And so it seems fitting that so many tourists take miniature elephant figures back with them as souvenirs. They come in a variety of sizes and no other place produces these figurines in such good quality.

Religious Wooden Idols

There are many stores here which sell various religious idols in all shapes and sizes. Since artistry is a popular local trade, you can find statues of any of your religious idols here. These idols can be purchased in any of the bazaars in Kerala.

Relegious wooden crafts