Tips to save money on Hotel and Food on your Kerala holiday

Kerala is a very favoured holiday destination among tourist. Kerala’s natural beauty, rich culture and heritage, flora –fauna, wild life, adventure sports etc. attract tourists not just from the rest of India but also from world over. As with any travel; transport, hotel and food take up a huge chunk of money. The cost incurred depends on various factors like the number of people travelling, the number of days travelling, travel and stay preferences, luxury preferences etc. In this article, no matter what your situation, let’s look as some money saving tips on hotel and food, on your Kerala holiday.

• Negotiating hotel room rates are very essential. Most of the time we assume that whatever room rates the hotel is giving us is final, but that usually isn’t the case. Also don’t forget to compare the rates from local tour operators as many operators can give you better rates than what the hotels might be themselves advertising.You could save up to 10-15% on your room costs just by asking for a special price, especially if you are travelling on days when hotel occupancy is typically low.

• Also check out websites like Airbnb where the rooms are way cheaper than hotel rooms but in many cases the standard of rooms is as good as that of a hotel. You can find single rooms, bedrooms and even entire houses on rent on Airbnb. You can see photos of the room on the website and communicate with the host before booking if you have any queries.

• Many airlines, hotels and holiday operators offer package deals with travel and hotels included. These can sometimes work out to be up to 25% cheaper than if you were to book separately.

• Avoid using the Hotel’s phone on your Kerala holiday. While it is really tempting and convenient to use the hotel’s phone especially for outstation travellers when you have just landed, avoid the urge. The hotel telephone tariffs are usually very high. Some hotel’s telephone tariffs as high as Rs10 per minute for local calls, and higher for outstation calls. Sometimes it is cheaper to use your own mobile phones even though you will be paying roaming charges. If you will be staying for a longer time, consider getting a local SIM card.

• If there are more than two people in a group, most hotels might provide you an extra bed in the same room for a supplementary cost that is cheaper than an additional room. That way you can save up to 50% on the cost of getting an additional room.

• Kerala cuisine is delicious and it is something you must explore as a tourist on your Kerala holiday, but you can take days off. Especially on longer trips, sometimes it is best to eat in. You also buy bread, cheese and other snacks and keep in your room to munch on when you are hungry instead of having to go out and eat all the time.

Most of these tips may look simple, but most travellers overlook these basic things and end up spending large amounts of money in places where this money could easily be saved.