Top 3 biggest Rivers in Kerala you must visit on your Kerala trip

It is a well known fact that Kerala is blessed with natural beauty and it has resultantly popularly earned the title ‘God’s own Country’. Apart from the beautiful hills, mountains, waterfalls, valleys, backwaters and wildlife, Kerala also has scenic rivers. In total Kerala has 44 rivers flowing through it.

Let us take a look at the top 3 biggest rivers in Kerala that you must visit on your Kerala trip.

Periyar River

Periyar River is the biggest river in Kerala with a length of 244kms. Originating from the Sivagiri Hills, this river flows through the Periyar National Park and finally into the Periyar Lake. This river plays a very important role in the development of Ernakulam district. The famous Idukki dam is built on this river and the electricity is generated from here contributes to a significant portion of Kerala’s electric power.

The Periyar River has many tributaries. Perinjankutti, Cheruthoni, Mullayar, Muthirapuzha and Edamala River are some of the main ones. 


At the banks of this river are located some important places. At Kaladi is located the birthplace of Adi Shankaracharya, at Thekkady is the Thattekad Bird Sanctuary, and at Aluva and Malayatoor are some pilgrim centers etc.

Bharathapuzha River

Bharathapuzha River

Bharathapuzha River is the second biggest river in Kerala with a length of 209kms. It is also known as Nila River. It is a very important river to the people of Kerala, and many consider it the South Indian equivalent of the Holy River Ganga. 

Originating in the Anaimalai Hills, the Bharathapuzha River flows through Palakkad Pass, and further westwards flows through Palakkad, Thrissur and Malappuram districts, and finally joins the sea at Ponnani.

There are 11 reservoirs along the course of this river, among which the Malampuzha Dam is the biggest. All these dams are for the purpose of irrigation and hence this dam works as a lifeline for many small villages and towns.

This river is closely associated with the arts and cultural landscape of Kerala. On the banks of the Bharathapuzha River is located Kerala Kala Mandalam- a school that provides training in Indian performing arts. Additionally there are many temples along the banks of this river.

Unfortunately, summer is not a good time to visit this river as it gets completely dried up.

Pampa River

Pamba River is the third . It originates in Pulachimalai in the Western Ghats, flows between Pathanamthitta district and Allapuzha district and finally ends up in the Vembanand Lake.

The Pamba River is also known with other names such as ‘Dakshina Bhageerathi’ and ‘River Baris’.

On the banks of the river Pamba is located the famous Sabarimala temple dedicated to Lord Ayyappa. It is believed by the devotees of Lord Ayyappan that immersing oneself in the river Pamba will wash away their sins and for many it is equivalent to bathing in the Holy Ganges. Many other temples such as Chenganoor Mahadeva temple and Aranmula temple etc. are located along the banks of this river.

Pampa River