Thekkady is famous for the Periyar Wildlife Reserve, 777sq km of mixed land including thick forests of evergreen and deciduous trees tumbling down to the shores of a great man made lake which still many skeletal trees sticking from it,s surface from when the land was drowned, these make great perches for the numerous water birds that flourish here. The Lake and it,s surrounding forests and grasslands provide perfect habitat for so many native species large and small, that you will be sure to sight something on every trip. Although a boat safari is the most popular way to look for wildlife in Periyar, there are also treks and jeep safaris available. From a boat, look out for elephant, wild boar, deer and several other animals as they come to drink and graze beside the lake.

Thekkady town is small but interesting to walk around, the air is scented by spice shops and other small shops have beautiful trinkets and souvenirs. The choice of restaurants is very good and prices are generally reasonable. While in town you could book for a bullock cart ride, a martial arts show or a spice plantation tour.