Malampuzha- Beautiful Picnic Spot in Kerala

Malampuzha is a little township on the foothills of the Western Ghats and its name is derived from the River Malampuzha. It is a popular picnic spot and a tourist destination, the main attractions being the Malampuzha dam and the adjacent Malampuzha gardens. The place is located at a distance of about 5kms from Palakkad town. It is suitable for tourists of all age groups as there is something for everyone.

Malampuzha Dam

The main attraction here is the dam itself. It is built over a tributary of Bharatapuzha, one of largest rivers of Kerala. The reservoir encompassing a catchment area of 145 sq kms, is one of the largest in Kerala. Designed as a mini hydro- electric project, the dam also provides drinking water to Palakkad town and the surrounding villages.

Malampuzha Dam

Malampuzha Garden

Malampuzha Garden

On the front side of the Malampuzha Dam is the Malampuzha Garden. It is a beautifully landscaped garden, full of lush green lawns with well laid-out flower beds. This garden is decorated by fountains and sculptures. It has the famous Yakshi sculpture created by Sri. Kanayi Kunhiraman, a popular sculptor of Kerala. There is also a swimming pool in the Garden which is suitable for people of all age groups. There is also a small lake where boating facilities are available.


There is a rope way running parallel to the Dam, which is first of its kind in South India. The rope way gives a 20 minutes thrilling ride with an aerial view of the Malampuzha Garden and the Dam. This 2000 ft. long ropeway runs at a height of 60 feet from the ground. There are 64 rope cars, each with a capacity of 2 persons.

Snake Park

The snake park is maintained by the Kerala Forest Department, Palakkad. Various poisonous and non-poisonous snakes are exhibited here. The main attractions here are the 2 king cobras kept in air conditioned rooms. There are several other cobras, vipers, kraits and many more species of snakes. Apart from that,tortoises and a crocodile are also exhibited here.


The fish shaped aquarium, while not very big, is an interesting structure that keeps some displays of fish. Visitors get inside the aquarium through the wide opened mouth of the fish. Various varieties of fishes and other marine specimen are exhibited inside.


Japanese Garden

Malampuzha Japanese Garden

Another attraction here is the Japanese style garden. The oriental flavour of this garden adds and enchanting touch to the place.

Rock Garden

This Rock garden is one of a kind in South India. It was conceptualised and created by renowned sculptor Padmasree Neck Chand Saini, who was the creator of India’s first rock garden located in Chandigarh. What makes this garden distinct is the fact that the artefacts displayed here are made of waste materials such as used plastic bottles and cans, waste pieces of Tiles, Granites, Stones, Electricity Fuse Carriers, Power Insulators, Broken Bangles, Melamine Dishware, etc.

Malampuzha Rock Garden

Children's Park

Malampuzha childrens Park


Inside the Malampuzha Garden is the children’s park which has a lot of enjoyment and recreational options for children. There are many slides, swing sets, see-saws, merry-go-rounds, overhead ladders etc., where kids can thoroughly have fun.