Kerala Water Sports


When in Kerala, Canoeing is an ideal leisurely sport activity, which is perfect to relax and unwind. Kerala is a land of mystic rivers and serene backwaters, and canoeing gives one the perfect opportunity to experience this natural beauty closely. A canoe is a long narrow raft tapering at both ends, which ensures a smooth sail even in rough waters. It can accommodate two people. In ancient times, canoe used to be a popular mode of transport in Kerala. Today, it has found extreme popularity as a water sport among the tourists. Canoeing is extremely popular in Alappuzha, offering the scenic views of backwaters, paddy fields, coconut groves, other small islands and fishermen activity.

Catamaran in kerala

Catamaran Sailing

This is a relatively new adventure sport in Kerala. A Catamaran is a small wooden Yatch that has twin hulls joined together and is traditionally propelled with an oar. Nowadays motorized Catamarans have also been introduced. A catamaran can accommodate a large number of people and is ideal for families or big groups. Catamaran sailing is usually preferred in the tranquil backwaters, but is also done in the sea. Aleppey, Varkala and Kovalam are the most popular destinations in Kerala for Catamaran Sailing.


Another excellent way of exploring the backwaters of Kerala is Kayaking. A Kayak is a light little boat occupying one or two people, who can maneuver the boat by paddling. In a Kayak the paddle has blades on both ends. One can kayak through the narrow tunnels and water paths, where only a kayak can go and tour though the villages. Many companies conduct long kayaking tours in Kerala. Alappuzha again is a popular place for Kayaking.

Parasailing in Kerala


Like most other coastal towns in India, Parasailing is popular in Kerala as well. A person is strapped to a parachute, which is then harnessed to the motor boat zooming on the sea. Parasailing gives you a nice bird’s eye view of the entire place. Popular beaches for parasailing are Kovalam and Varkala beaches.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is another tourist attraction in Kerala where one can explore the fascinating life below the waters. In scuba diving the diver is supposed to wear a swimming costume and has to carry a cylinder on his back, which is used for breathing underwater. Varkala beach and Kovalam beach are well known for Scuba diving in Kerala. 

Scuba Diving in Kerala
Surfing in Kerala

Wind Surfing

Windsurfing includes surfing and sailing. It is basically skimming on the surface of water on a surfboard with a revolving sail. Kovalam, Varkala and Mahe beaches are ideal for Wind Surfing in Kerala.


Another way the adventurous can explore underwater life in Kerala is through Snorkeling. Snorkeling is basically floating in shallow waters with one’s head in the water. The swimmer has to attach a snorkel to his mouth, which is basically a breathing tube. Snorkeling can be enjoyed at Varkala, Kovalam and Alappuzha beaches of Kerala.

Snorkeling in Kerala