4 off beat must visit unexplored Travel attractions in Kerala

There are a lot of unexplored places in Kerala which are not advertised on the internet and other media.These places are adventure filled and less crowded and helps the tourist to enjoy the nature and feel one with it. So here is the list of places that are off beat and off the radar, which will give any tourist an experience of a lifetime


Situated right in the middle of the western Ghats, Nelliampathi is a unique and beautiful hill station 55 km away from the Palakkad district in Kerala. The hill station is surrounded by tea and coffee estates. The climate here closely resembles the climate of Ooty, thereby giving it the name “Poor Man’s Oooty”.Kesavanpara is one of the viewpoints in Nelliampathi which gives breathtaking view of the land lying below. So if you are planing a holiday in Kerala this place is a must visit. There are government guest houses and private lodging facilities for the tourists who come here. The nearest airport is Cochin International Airport and Coimbatore Airport.


Silent Valley National Park

Silent Valley

This is one of the wonders of Kerala and possibly the most unexplored evergreen woods. Silent valley is located in the Palakkad district on the Nilgiri ranges. Silent valley is one of the places in Western Ghats which is being considered to fall under the UNESCO world heritage site. The park, even though named as the silent valley is never silent and is filled with the clamor of birds and sounds of the varied wildlife. There are different species of birds, tigers, deer and elephants in the park. There are also over a 100 species of butterflies present in this park. The best time to visit the park is from September to May. The Closest railway station is Palakkad and the closest airport is in Coimbatore.

Muzhappilangadu Beach

Unlike the other beaches in Kerala and India, Muzhuppilangad beach is the only drive in beach in Kerala and perhaps in all of Asia. The Beach is located 15 km away from Kannur Town which is a very important place situated on the Malabar Coast. The beach also attracts youth who show off their driving and riding skills on the beach. Every year in the month of April the Muzhuppilangad beach host a beach festival which is grand and includes various cultural programs. There is also a small private island situated 200 meters south of the beach. IT is possible to reach the island by walk during low tides.


Valiyaparamba Backwaters


Apart from Alleppey if there is another beautiful backwater destination in Kerala it is the Valiyaparamba back waters in the Kasargod district which is surrounded by spectacular islands and greenery. For anyone who wants to just relax and unwind the mind ,the best thing to do is to take a houseboat cruise through these back waters. The house boat services are one of the best among the houseboats in Kerala. The closest railway station is at 46 km Distance.