Food items to take back home from your Kerala Trip

Kerala has a lot to offer its tourists. Apart from being blessed with abundant natural beauty, wildlife, temples and warm people, Kerala is also unique in its food offerings. Kerala has a unique cuisine and one must taste Kerala’s delicious food on their trip here. But one can’t take away the tasty meals prepared in Kerala back to one’s home.

So, in this article let’s take a look at some food items that you can take back home from your Kerala trip.


India is a land of Spices and Kerala is no exception. Kerala offers an assortment of spices such as turmeric, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper etc. All these spices are available at economical rates. Spices are long-lasting and there is no fear of them getting spoilt if stored in a dry air-tight container. Spices can be purchased in the tiny shops and markets all across Kerala.

Kerala spices
Kerala Cashews


Another famous food item in Kerala is the Cashew nuts. If we go back in time, Cashew nuts were actually a Portuguese import to India. When the Portuguese came to India for spices, they also got the Cashew plant with them to India. And that is how there are many Cashew plantations in the Konkan coast. Goa is another state that is famous for cashew plantations. Goa serves the very famous ‘Feni’ made from the Cashew apple. In Kerala the cashew is less commercialized and the focus is mainly on the cashew nuts.

Banana Chips

Bananas are found everywhere in Kerala as it is one of their popular plants. And from this originates the banana chips, which is a very popular snack not just all throughout the state but throughout India as well. These chips are made from both raw as well as ripe bananas. They come in a variety of types and flavors – spicy, salted, sweet, crunchy etc.

Kerala Banana Chips
Tea Estate


Indians are huge Chai (Tea) consumers and this fad is growing in the Western world too. Kerala has many tea estates and what better than taking some tea leaves and powder back home, to remind you of your trip. In India Darjeeling and Assam Teas are probably the more well known, but what is served in the stalls all across India, is the tea from the Western Ghats. Nilgiri Tea grown in Munnar is popular and loved all over India. Nilgiri tea is a strong tea which gives out a nice brown color to the milk. So don’t forget to buy some tea to take back home.


Kerala is a heaven not just for tea lovers but also for Coffee lovers. Kerala produces some of the best Coffee in the world. The local Kerala coffee also known as Kerala Kapi, which is had in a small steel cup is a must try. It is best to buy the unbranded coffee from here, which is what the locals drink. Also best to buy as close to the source of plantation as possible.

Coffee Kerala