A Tourist’s Guide to Kerala Tree Houses and Top Tree House Destinations in Kerala

Kerala can provide unique and amazing experiences to its tourists. Kerala tree houses are very popular and much sought after by tourists. Staying in comfortable and luxurious tree houses in the lap of Mother Nature is truly a fascinating experience. Kerala tree houses can be booked according to one’s preference and budget.

Kerala tree houses are wooden cottages built on tree tops at an elevation of 20- 90 feet from ground level. They are all constructed from eco-friendly raw materials such as bamboo poles,hay straw, coir mats etc.They have thatched roofs, the walls are made from bamboo and coir, and live trees are often used as pillars. Electricity is provided by a combination of solar energy and go bar gas (energy derived from cow dung). This avoids air and noise pollution, thus caring for the environment.

Tree House

Just because they are built eco-friendly does not mean they are spartan. They come with all the modern amenities such as air-conditioning, modern toilets and bathrooms, cosy beds, television etc. They also come with balconies where one can sit and blissfully enjoy nature. The food served in these tree houses is authentic Kerala food and is organic. Most tree houses are in the lush tropical forests surrounded by deciduous tea or spice plantations.

Top destinations for Kerala Tree Houses


Wayanad district lies in the north eastern part of Kerala. The vast stretches of mist-capped mountains, green meadows, wild forests and blue waters make Wayanad nothing short of a paradise. The tree houses of Soochipara are very popular and give an ethereal view of the valleys of Western Ghats. One can also do other activities like trekking, rock climbing, white water rafting, swimming etc.


Munnar is a hill-station located in the Western Ghats. It is at a height of about 1600 meters above sea level. Munnar tree houses provide grand views. The surrounding animal life such as elephants, deer, nilgiri langurs and other animals and birds, in addition to the scents of the wildflowers provide the best experience of being in the midst of nature.


Athirapilli is another destination to have a marvellous Kerala tree house experience. It is at a distance of 55 kms from the Cochin International Airport. The tree houses are in the Sholayar forests. The tree houses here overlook the waterfalls. The sound from the cascading waterfalls is melody to the ears. In the morning the golden beam from the sun and the resulting hues fall directly into the huts.


Thekkady is an ideal place for the Kerala Tree house experience. It is situated in the Thekkady– Munnar route and is an hour away from Thekkady. The beautiful tree houses situated amidst the tea and cardamom plantations make for a nice relaxing holiday. The rolling hills, the virgin locations, the fresh air –all make the tree houses of Vemaband an experience to remember for a lifetime.