Tempo Traveller in Kerala

Going on a tour with family or friends is an adventure everyone looks forward to. And when it is to an exotic destination we wish that our close family or close friends to be with us. But many a time one doesn’t find a suitable vehicle to travel. Specially if you have a big family or more than couple of friends. You would wish to have a vehicle which will accommodate all of them and increase the closeness than bring distance among the group by having 2- 3 vehicles or a very large bus type vehicle.

Tempo Traveller in Cochin
Traveller in Kerala

Here’s where one can choose the Tempo Traveller. It is an ideal vehicle for a group which has more than 7 members. It could be your family or friends or even both. A Tempo Traveller is a very comfortable vehicle for a medium sized group to travel on all types of different terrains and locations. The Tempo Traveller though doesn’t look huge; it is big in the interiors – 6 feet in height. This lets the travelers get up from the seat while traveling and stretch their legs in between the journey. This makes even long journeys very comfortable.


Kerala Tempo Traveller Rates

There are 5 types of such Tempo Travellers that are popular among tourists:
1. 9 seater
2. 12 seater
3. 17 seater
4. 19 seater
5. 26 seater
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With an engine capacity of 1200 cc to 2000 cc these vehicles are able to climb any heights so that you needn’t miss those beautiful sights and makes traveling through the high ranges fun. They are fitted with 1 ton air-conditioners which ensures better cooling while traveling.

Tempo Traveller in Cochin
Tempo Traveller Interior

Luxury for a little more

Then there are the Caravan type luxury Tempo Travellers for the tourists who like to indulge in more comfort during travelling. In these vehicles the seats are more comfortable since they are push back types. These are fitted with split-type air conditioners which gives better and efficient cooling of the vehicle. There would be a good audio visual system and LCD for a wholesome entertainment while travelling. Needless to say the rates of these would be more than the normal Tempo Traveller.
In the normal Tempo Travellers too, push back seats are available. These seats make long journey comfortable. Since the Govt. levies luxury tax on vehicles fitted with such push back seats, 80% of the Tempo Travellers are fitted with fixed seats. For the vehicles that have push back seats the rates would be different since difference in tax would have to be borne by the customers making them costlier. In case one does want a Tempo Traveller with the push back seats the company can arrange a 17 / 19 / 26 seater Tempo Traveller with push back seats.