5 lip-smacking Kerala Snacks you must try on your Kerala Trip

Authentic Kerala cuisine is a rich assortment of flavors and spices and is a must-try for any tourist in Kerala. Just like every other Indian cuisine, Kerala cuisine too is unique and definitely not for the faint hearted. But for a food lover, Kerala cuisine can be a real treat.

Food is an important aspect of any travel experience and is as essential as sightseeing and doing adventure activities on a trip. After all, food is also another way of knowing a place and experiencing a culture closely.

In this article let’s check out 5 lip-smacking Kerala Snacks you must try on your Kerala Trip.


Pazham Pori

KappaTapioca is known as Kappa in Malayalam and is a staple dish of the locals. Kappa is prepared in numerous ways, but mashed Kappa is usually a favorite among tourists. If you take a houseboat trip in Kerala, Kappa will definitely be served to you on your trip. Mashed Kappa can be eaten in multiple ways. It can be paired with various curries and chutneys. One can have Kappa for breakfast, for lunch as a side dish, or one can just have it as a Snack. Needles to say mashed Kappa is very tasty and healthy snack, and a must try Kerala Snack.

Banana Fry Kerala SnackPazham Pori aka Ethakka appam aka Banana fritters is a popular Kerala Snack and is easily available all throughout Kerala. This dish is found exclusively in Kerala; one cannot find this dish in any other part of India. To make Pazham Pori, ripe bananas are cut into long pieces and are coated with a batter made of flour, sugar, cumin seeds and some yellow coloration, and then deep fried in oil. The outer cover is crispy and the inner portion is soft. Pazham Pori is best had with a cup of hot Chai. No wonder it is a very popular tea-time Kerala snack.



UnniyappamUnniyappam is another popular traditional Kerala Snack. It is a must have snack for the locals during festivals or any other functions. Its exterior is brown in color. It is made of banana, jaggery and rice flour, and is a crispy and spongy dish. Its taste is very unique and delicious and there is no substitute for Unniyappam in Kerala. The preparation methods and some ingredients used, vary from place to place within Kerala.

Unnakkaya Unnakaya is another popular Kerala Snack. It is a sweet snack and can be had along with tea or coffee. To make Unnakaya, bananas are steamed in a pressure cooker and made into a paste. A mixture of coconut, sugar syrup and raisins is made, and this mixture is wrapped inside the banana paste and given a spindle shape. This is then deep fired in oil and Unnakaya is ready to eat.

Banana Chips

Banana chips are a ubiquitous Kerala Snack and it is popular not just in Kerala but all over India. When in Kerala, Banana chips are a must try. It is made by cutting raw bananas into thin slices and then deep frying in hot oil. These chips last really long lasting and tourists often like to take Banana chips back home from their trip