Unique Souvenirs to Buy on your Kerala Trip

A lot of travelers like to collect souvenirs of places they are travel to. A souvenir is after all a token or a keepsake that will remain a memory of your travel to a particular place. While some souvenirs are just showpieces that aren’t useful in your daily life, others can be of functional value.

Kerala has some interesting souvenirs to offers. All these items are indigenous to Kerala. If you are looking to shop something for yourself or for your loved ones in Kerala, this list of souvenirs will be useful to you.

Coir Products

Kerala is famous for coir products and many manufactures here export their stuff to the rest of the country and some even outside India. Coir products are made from the husk of the coconut. The fibers from the husk are extracted and treated differently to make an array of products. In addition to their longevity, coir products are bio-degradable and hence good for the environment. There are many coir manufacturers in Kerala that make a plethora of products such as coir mats, ropes, matting, tiles, baskets, briquettes, fenders, pots and various other agricultural products.

Coir Products of Kerala
Traditional Kerala Lamps

Traditional Kerala Lamps

Traditional Kerala lamps are known as Nilavilakku. These lamps are a staple in every Hindu Kerala household. In Kerala, these are lit before the start of every official and unofficial function, and are also used in temples. These lamps are kept on the floor and they come in a variety of sizes. They are made of bell metal or bronze.

Handicrafts made from Coconuts shells

Since Kerala is the land of coconut trees, full use is made of these trees. The artisans use the coconut shells to make various decorative as well as utility items. Since the coconut shell is hard, special techniques are used to make cut and carve. The artisans make decorative items like carved masks of human face as well and also utility items like cups, bowls, soap dishes, table lamps etc.

Kerala Coconut Shell Handicrafts

Kerala Sari

The white sari with a golden border, known as the Kasavu sari is the traditional sari of Kerala women. Kerala women wear them during any important function and even though it is very simple, it looks very elegant. This sari is made from cotton.


There are plenty of elephants in Kerala and Nettipattam is an ornament worn on the elephant’s forehead, made from a mixture of copper and gold. Many tourists like to purchase imitations of the Nettipattam which can be used as wall hangings.

Aranmula Kannadi

Aranmula Kannadi

Aranmula Kannadi is a mirror which is made in Kerala only. Unlike other normal glass mirrors, this mirror is made from a metallic alloy. The technique of making these mirrors is a close-guarded family secret and only one family in Kerala makes these mirrors. This mirror making process is a long and laborious one, and hence these mirrors are very expensive. Fakes and rip-offs of these mirrors tend to float in the market from time to time, so be careful when you purchase.