Kerala Houseboats

Kerala is blessed with incredible natural beauty and as a result attracts a lot of tourists. One of the famous tourist attractions here are the Houseboats on its backwaters.

These houseboats are also known as ‘Kettuvalloms’, and in ancient times were used for transporting of materials from interior villages and towns. As the transport facilities developed in Kerala, Kettuvalloms were no longer used for transportation of goods. But the locals found a way to keep Kettuvalloms alive and functioning through tourism.

The modern day houseboats are a reworked model of the Kettuvalloms, made specifically for tourists. It is interesting to note that not a single nail is used in the making of a Kettuvallam. A coir rope is used to join two Jack wood planks together and then coated with black resin made from boiled cashew nuts shells. Special rooms are constructed to accommodate travelers. The houseboats have all the comforts of a good hotel such as furnished bedrooms, modern toilets, cozy living rooms, a lounge cum dining room and a kitchen. They also come with cooks who prepare delicious Kerala food. All meals are provided on board and come in vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian options. Some super luxury houseboats also have with Jacuzzis and Bathtubs.

Kerala Houseboat

There is even a balcony. Parts of the curved roof of wood or plaited palm open out to provide shade and allow uninterrupted views. Most of these boats are poled by local oarsmen and some are powered by an engine. When there is a large group of tourists, two or more houseboats are joined together. These are known as Boat Trains.

The best thing about the house boats in Kerala is the majestic view it provides. The Kerala backwaters are a network of lakes, canals and estuaries and deltas of forty-four rivers that drain into the Arabian Sea. On the cruise one can see the water lilies, ancient Chinese fishing nets, rustic homes, coir villages, coconut groves, lush paddy fields, narrow canals, churches and temples all in their natural setting. Just like other places of India, Kerala too has its unique culture and one can experience it though these serene backwaters. A cruise along the vast expanse of the backwaters is definitely an amazing spectacle.

Kumarakom houseboats and Alappuzha houseboats are extremely popular among tourists. In Kumarakom and Alappuzha houseboats are a familiar sight. Alappuzha alone has some500
houseboats. Places like Cochin, Kollam and Bekal are also popular for their house boat tours.

Depending on the destination of your choice, these house boats take different cruise routes. The trips can last for a day to seven days, and the cost can range anywhere between Rs 6000 to Rs 60,000, all depending on the number of days, number of people and the package.

These cruises are perfect for anybody wanting a taste of Kerala; be it with family or friends, one is guaranteed to have a great time. It is even ideal for honeymooners. A Kerala houseboat cruise is definitely a must try attraction.