Kerala has a host of interesting places ideal for tourists and each of these destinations have a plenthora of sightseeing places and activities to try. Kannur (also known as Cannanore) is one such amazing Kerala tourist destination. It is a beautiful district located in northern Kerala.

How to reach Kannur?

Getting in to Kannur just like most other cities in India, one can get in to Kannur by plane, train, bus or by driving on your own. Kannur Airport is situated 30 Kms away from Kannur City.

Kannur has also good rail connectivity to major cities in India like Coimbatore, Chennai, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi, Mangalore and Kozhikode, similarly, the road connectivity is also very good. Buses fro, all major cities arrive here. One can also drive to Kannur. The NH17 which connects Mumbai to Kochi also connects to Kannur

Kannur Airport Kerala

Getting around Kannur

Getting around Kannur is fairly easy. The most economical way to get around here is by taking the local buses. Apart from that, there are Auto rickshaws and Kerala taxis that can be availed at reasonable rates. One can also hire cabs, rent cars with a driver or rent to self-drive. Many Places here are close to each other, So one can also go on foot.


Main Attractions to see in Kannur

Fort St. Angelo – This for was built in the year 1505 by the Portuguese. This triangular shaped fort is situated in the Cantonment region and it faces the Arabian Sea. This fort has a gravestone, a stable and a chapel from the days of yore. Adjacent to Fort Angelo, is the small but popular beach called Baby Beach.

Arakkal Museum –This museum used to be the palace of Arakkal Rajas, the only Muslim Royal family of Kerala. There are many artefacts, antiques, coins, old furniture and memorabilia here.

Muzhappilangad Drive-in-Beach – This is a very clean and calm beach. One can drive on the beach for up to 4 Kms.

Theyyam Performance –Theyyam is an ancient classical art temple dance of Kerala. The performance held from November to April every year, in over 1000 temples.

Dharmadam Island Located 4 kms from the town is a small but beautiful 5 acre island called Dharmadam Islan. It is covered with dense bushes and the coconut palms synonymous with the western coast of India.

Sri Muthapan Temple –Situated in North Malabar, This is a very famous ancient temple. Apart from this, there are many small temples, beaches and tourist attractions in Kannur.

Theyyam Kannur

Food & Eating

Kannur has delicious Kerala-Malabar cuisine. One must taste items like Rice, Biriyani, Dosa, Idly, Appam, Puttu, Pathiri etc. Sea food is also big here. Arikkadukka, a dish containing stuffed mussels is quite popular and easily available in Kannur.


Kannur has a variety of lodging options for tourists. There are many home stays, cottages, lodges, villas, and hotels available. They come with good amenities. The stay option will vary according to your budget.

As you immerse yourself in the beauty and culture of Kannur, don’t miss the opportunity to explore its many hidden gems and attractions with Kerala Taxis.