Holiday Planning Tips for an Exciting and Memorable Kerala Holiday

Before embarking on any holiday, research and planning is essential. It can save you a lot of emotional and mental stress, physical hassles, time and money, and helps you have a fun time on your holiday.

Kerala is a well- known travel destination. If you are planning to take a trip to Kerala, then here are some helpful holiday planning tips for an exciting Kerala holiday.

Research-Research is essential before any holiday, especially if you are in larger groups. Dig in as deep as you can about your travel plans, your places of visit, adventure and sporting activities to do, places to see, things to do, specialties of the place etc. In the age of internet, research is a breeze. Being well-informed will make it easy to plan things and you will save time trying to figure out what to do next.

Be flexible with your plans– While this may sound like it is a contrast to our previous tip, it actually isn’t. While it is essential to have a good idea of your travel itinerary, being spontaneous and flexible with your plans is essential. Kerala has so many unique things, and anything new can crop up. Be prepared to change things around, introduce new elements of fun and to welcome variety into your Kerala holiday.

Don’t have a packed schedule– The tendency among most people, especially on a short trip is to cram the days with activities. It is a sad holiday when each day you are on the run; from one place to another and from one activity to the next. A holiday is to be enjoyed, so don’t jam-pack your day. Keep things well spaced out and have lots of leisure time. Remember a holiday should be a mix of relaxation and fun.

Explore the local flavor– Sometimes we are so used to our lifestyles, that we like to stay in certain kinds of places, travel a certain way and eat the same kind of food. While it is good to have a safe heaven and to enjoy the comfort of routine, one must be open to explore the local culture on their Kerala holiday. Everything about Kerala is unique- the food, transport options, the culture and traditions, architecture, lifestyle etc. So if you find yourself in a situation where you can partake and explore Kerala culture, go for it. This will give a new depth to your experiences.

Make things special-If you are travelling with a partner or in a group, ask them about their preferences and incorporate them into the plans if it is no trouble to others. Throw surprise parties, plan surprise gifts for others, have a special dinner organised, arrange for a special treasure hunt if you are in a group, and go for a special outing or plan a candle light dinner if you are with your spouse or companion. These personal gestures will definitely make your Kerala holiday special and memorable.