Ranipuram- Unexplored Weekend destination in Kerala

Kerala is a traveller’s paradise as it has a lot of natural beauty. Kerala has many hill stations- some of which are very popular among tourists, while others even though very beautiful are not overpopulated by tourists. Ranipuram is one such beautiful hill station located in Kasaragod district in Kerala. It is an exciting destination for a quick weekend getaway.

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Ranipuram is situated 750m above sea level in the Western Ghats. It was formerly known as Madathumala till 1970. It is also popularly nicknamed as the ‘Ooty of Kerala’. It is mainly known for eco-tourism. This place has a repository of evergreen forests, avifauna and diverse wildlife. This green capped hillstation of Kerala has varied vegetation ranging from grasslands, monsoon forests to evergreen Shola woods. Ranipuram also has vast forest which merges its borders with Thalacauvery wildlife sanctuary of the neighboring state of Karnataka. This forest is home to many different species of wild animals. Deer, Wild boars, Elephants and Monkeys are easily found here.

Just like many other hill stations of Kerala, Ranipuram also offers great opportunity for trekking. It is a very popular trekking destination in Kerala especially among off beat travellers. The trekking trail is very unique and there is variation in the vegetation around as the trek progresses. The trail begins from the tourist home situated in the valley, 10kms away from the top. Moving up, there is virgin dense forest which is over 5kms. Then there is a steep climb of 2kms to the top, further revealing grasslands all around.The topmost trekking point is called ‘Manimala’ and it provides a very scenic view. The air is fresh and the cool breeze helps erase the fatigue from the trek. On the trek one can find some rare medicinal plants as well as orchids. One can also spot elephants and other animals on the trek, which makes it all the more exciting. It is advisable for trekkers to carry enough water and food to beat the thirst and hunger, as one way trekking can take up to three hours.

One can also take jeep safaris to explore the forests and sight elephants as well. The monsoon forest is another attraction along with butterflies in this gorgeous hill station of Kerala.Now one can also partake in other adventure sports like Rock Climbing, Chimney climbing, Jumaringx, Rappelling, Stomach Rappelling etc. all of which are encouraged by the tourism department of Kerala.

The month of October is the best time to visit the beautiful hill station of Kerala.To reach Ranipuram, the nearest railway station is the Kasaragod Railway station and the nearest bus station is the Kanhangad bus station. For accommodation, one can stay at the DTPC cottages located at Panathady valley.

Ranipuram is a heaven for nature and adventure lovers, who will thoroughly love and enjoy this place. It is an ideal weekend destination in Kerala.