Understanding the Cost of Airport Transfers at Cochin International

Kerala Taxi's Sedan Cab in Cochin International Airport

Traveling to and from airports can be a hassle, especially when it comes to understanding the cost involved in airport transfers. At Cochin International Airport, one of the busiest airports in Kerala, passengers have various options for reaching their destinations. However, understanding the taxi fare system is crucial for planning your trip and budget. In this article, we will delve into details of the taxi fares in Kerala, how they are charged, and how you can ensure you’re getting a genuine service, particularly when choosing “Kerala Taxis” for your transportation needs.

Minimum Taxi Fare in Kerala and How Final Taxi Rates Are Charged

The minimum taxi fare in Kerala for motor cabs is ₹200.00 for sedans, covering a distance of up to 5 kilometers. For larger vehicles, the minimum charge is ₹225.00 for the same distance. Beyond the initial 5 kilometers, the rate is ₹18.00 per kilometer for sedans and ₹20.00 per kilometer for larger vehicles. It’s important to note that these rates do not include a return fare. If you require a round trip, the fare will be calculated based on the total distance traveled during the entire journey.

Are Taxi Fares Charged in Kerala After Adding Toll Charges?

Taxi fares in Kerala are typically quoted exclusive of toll charges. But when you receive a quote from KeralaTaxis, it accounts for any tolls encountered along the route. This ensures there are no hidden or unexpected costs when you reach your destination.

How Can I Make Sure the Taxi Service I'm Booking With Is Genuine?

To ensure that the taxi service you’re booking is genuine, look for the following signs:
– A functioning website with clear contact information.
– Positive reviews and testimonials from previous customers .Google would be a good place to check this. (You can find our reviews here)
– A transparent pricing structure.
– Licensed and insured vehicles and drivers.
– A booking confirmation with details of your trip.

Kerala Taxis, known for its reliability and professionalism, ticks all these boxes. We offer pre-booking services online or via phone, providing you with a booking confirmation and the details of your assigned driver.

What Is the Emergency Number That I Can Use In Case I'm in Trouble?

In case you find yourself in trouble or facing an emergency, You can also reach out to Kerala Taxis’ customer support (+91 96 56 96 2225) for immediate assistance. The universal emergency number to dial in India is 112.  To can get in touch with Kerala Tourism Department at 1-800-425-4747 .

Favoring "Kerala Taxis" for Your Airport Transfer Needs

When considering a taxi service for your airport transfer needs at Cochin International, “Kerala Taxis” stands out for several reasons. Here are the approximate distances and fares from Cochin International Airport to various popular destinations:

DestinationApproximate Distance (km)Sedan Fare (₹)Larger Vehicle Fare (₹)
Ernakulam City35km₹1600₹2500
Fort Kochi45km₹1900₹3000
Vypin Island40km₹1800₹2700
Cherai Beach30km₹1700₹2500

These rates are competitive and reflect our commitment to transparency and affordability. Additionally, “Kerala Taxis” offers a fleet of well-maintained sedans and larger vehicles to accommodate individual preferences and group sizes. Our chauffeurs are experienced, courteous, and knowledgeable about the local routes, ensuring a smooth and safe journey.

In conclusion, when planning your airport transfer at Cochin International, it is essential to understand the taxi fare structure, including minimum charges and how tolls are incorporated into the fare. By choosing a reputable and genuine taxi service like “Kerala Taxis,” you can be assured of a comfortable, secure, and cost-effective ride to your destination. With our straightforward pricing, professional service, and commitment to customer satisfaction, “Kerala Taxis” is the preferred choice for travelers seeking reliable airport transfers in Kerala.

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