5 Quiet and Peaceful Camping Places in Kerala

Kerala is hugely favored by the tourists thanks to its abundant natural beauty and the wide variety of experiences it can offer. Tourists flock here every season to make the best of their holidays. But some places become crowded due to the huge influx of tourists; and the beauty and character of a place cannot be thoroughly experienced due to the huge crowds.

If you are looking for quiet and peaceful places to Camp in Kerala, without the overwhelming presence of crowds, then read on. Following is a list of the top 5 camping spots in Kerala.

Tea Estates of Munnar

Munnar is situated at a height of 1600 m above sea level. It is home to many mountains and peaks, including the highest peak in South IndiaAnamudi. The beauty of the vast sprawling green estates, the winding roads, the surrounding mountain ranges and the cool climate bring about tremendous peace and tranquility. It is an ideal setting for those wanting to camp in the midst of nature, away from the hustle bustle of daily modern life.

One can also hike and trek in Munnar. A trek through Eravikulam National Park and to Anamudi Peak is a perfect opportunity for animal and bird spotting.

Munnar Tea Gardens


Camping at Gavi

Gavi is a small quiet town situated in the Pathanamthitta district of Kerala. Gavi is home to cardamom plantations. The lush greenery and beautiful landscape of Gavi makes it one of the best camping places in Kerala. The famous Sabrimala temple can also be viewed from a particular viewpoint in Gavi. Gavi is also the perfect place for bird watching. About 260 different species of birds are found in this quaint town!


Parambikulam, is located in the Palakkad district of Kerala. It is a perfect blend of nature, wildlife and biodiversity. It is estimated that Parambikulam is home to about 39 species of mammals, 61 species of reptiles, 250 species of birds and 1000 species of insects.

Tourists who love being in the midst of nature and love observing wildlife and birds, will be elated with this place. The oldest oak tree in the world, Kannaimara, which is above 351 years old, is located here. The beauty and rich biodiversity of this place makes it an ideal place for camping in Kerala.


Nelliyampathy Jungle Camp


Nelliyampathy is a hill station situated in the north side of Anamalai hills. 80% of the land here is under the natural forest cover and the rest of the area is under plantation. This vast greenery is home to a wide variety of flora fauna, animals and birds. Plenty of endangered species of animals are also found here.

This place is perfect for hiking, trekking, animal safari, bird watching and of course camping.


Ponmudi, also popularly referred to as Golden Peak, is a beautiful little hill station located in the Thiruvannathapuram district of Kerala. It has a carpet of thick forest that rolls down till its foot hills. The narrow winding roads, lush greenery, beautiful mountain flowers, colorful butterflies and serene rivulets makes it an ideal camping place in Kerala for people who love nature and some quiet.

Ponmudi Camping