Budget Tips for Travelling In Kerala

Kerala is an ideal holiday destination for all types of travelers. The best thing about India and Kerala too, is that one can travel on any budget. If you want a luxury travel trip or a budget travel holiday, all can be accomplished in Kerala.

Correct information goes a long way in budgeting for your travel plan, and proportioning the money saves for other expenses.In this article let’s check out some tips for budget travel to Kerala.

The first thing that comes to mind when holidaying is the stay. The place you stay at is very crucial especially on a budget travel. While Kerala is becoming a very popular travel destination among tourists from world over, accommodation is getting more and more expensive. On a budget trip to Kerala home stays, guesthouses and lodges are your best bet. Even hostels and dormitories are available in certain places.Most places offer a discount if you are going to be staying for a longer duration. Home stays are also an opportunity for you to interact with the locals and get to know Kerala life and culture closely.

Soojippara Waterfalls Wayanad

Kerala has a plethora of travel options- cars, scooters, buses, cabs, taxis, autos and even ferries. The most common mode of transport, as well as the cheapest mode of transport within Kerala is the local buses. These buses are easily identifiable as they are painted red in colour. The draw back with these buses are, the destination boards are depicted in the local language (Malayalam), and thus a commuter has to ascertain the destination, before boarding the bus. Kerala, especially the southern part has a good network of waterways. 

There are many local and tourist ferries that can take you from one place to the other for a very cheap price. This is a good way of travel as apart from reaching your destination, you can also explore the backwaters that Kerala is so famous for. If you want to travel to other districts within the state, trains are also a good option on budget trip to Kerala.While traveling short distance walking, buses or local autos are recommended.

It is always a good idea to make friends with the locals. The locals, especially in developing countries where there is a big difference between tourist prices and local prices, are the key to traveling cheaply, and authentically. It is also good to ask the locals for restaurant recommendations. Kerala has a mix of both – urban modern restaurants and well as local traditional restaurants. Locals are the best people to tell you where to find good and authentic Kerala food for a cheap price. Also, it will always be cheaper eating in small local restaurants as compared to eating in major food chains. Just make sure the pace you eat at is clean and hygienic.

Also, avoid shopping in typical touristy places as the prices here are inflated on purpose for the tourists. On a budget trip to Kerala eat, travel and shop in places where the locals do to avoid paying higher prices.