5 Incredible Ancient Hindu Temples one must visit in Wayanad

Seetha Lava Kusha Temple

The Seetha Lava Kush Temple is a Hindu Temple located in Pulpally, Wayanad. The temple and its surrounding places have great significance in the Hindu epic Ramayana. The epic says that Seetha Devi was captured by King Ravana. Her husband, Lord Rama, wins her back. Their off springs are Lava and Kush. Hence this temple is dedicated to the deities Seetha, Lava and Kush. This temple was constructed by Shri Pazhassi Raja, who was a great warrior in the 18th century. There are a couple of interesting facts about this temple.

Lava Kusha Temple Wayanad

The temple pond is the largest in the whole of Wayanad. Also Wayanad is inhabited by lots of leeches, but the temple surroundings are free from them. The reason for their absence in the temple premises is believed to be Seetha Devi, who had cursed the leeches that bit her children Lava and Kush. The temple festival, celebrated annually in January, attracts pilgrims from all over Kerala.ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Anantnath Swami Temple

Ananthanath Swami Temple

The Anantnath Swami Temple is a Jain Temple situated at Puliyarmala which is at a distance of 6kms from Kalpetta in Wayanad. It’s is also popularly known as the Puliyarmala Jain temple. Built in the 13th Century, this temple is dedicated to a Jain Saint Ananthnath Swami. This temple is also referred to a Tippu’s Fort, because King Tippu Sultan used to keep his arms and ammunition here during his reign. This place has a lot of history and its role has changed through the centuries. Initially it was a Hindu Shrine, later it was a primary center of commercial activity, then it became a storehouse for ammunition and today it stands, partly in ruins, as a testament to its evolved history. This temple is a must visit to experience some peace and tranquility.

Thirunelli Temple

Nestled in the lap of beautiful mountains and forests, is the Thirunelli Temple. It is situated at a distance of 30kms from Mananthavady. This temple is dedicated to Lord Maha Vishnu. Just 400 meters away is the Papanasini Stream. It is believed that the Rivers Ganga and Saraswati join at the Papanasini. The devotees take a dip in the river with the belief that it will wash their sins away. At the back of the temple is a tank called Panchatheertham, which has the footsteps of Lord Vishnu.

Thirunelli Temple Wayanad

Valliyoorkavu Temple


Valliyoorkavu Temple is located in the hills and is at a distance of 3 kms from east of Manathanvady village. The river Kabani flowing next to it and the vast greenery surrounding it makes for a picturesque sight. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Bhagvathi and the idol at this temple is said to have self-manifested. The temple festival is held annually from March 14th to March 28th. This festival is of great importance to the tribal people of Wayanad. An array of folk traditions is on display during the festival days.

Ganapathi Vattam Temple

The town of Sultan Bathery was previously known as Ganapathi Vattam due to the Ganapathi Temple here. This temple was believed to have been built somewhere between the 9th- 12th Century during the rule of Kulashekara Dynasty. Later it was passed on to the Kottayam Royals Dynasty. It was believed that later, King Tipu Sultan destroyed this temple and used the stones to build a fort. Every year, on the 15th day of the month of ‘Makaram’ in the Malayalam calendar, the temple flag is hoisted. The temple festival runs for six days.

Ganapathy Vattam Temple